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  • Ranked number one by the Ministry of Education for excellence in teaching and learning projects

Year established: 1961

Campus area: 327,465 square meters

Floor area: 311,488 square meters

Number of buildings: 21

Number of schools and colleges: 10

Undergraduate enrollment: 18,037 (female-to-male ratio:100: 162)

Master’s degree program enrollment: 2,756 (female-to-male ratio:100: 207)

Doctoral degree program enrollment: 408 (female-to-male ratio:100: 261)

Number of faculty members: 1,249

Number of administrative and technical staff: 904

Library collections: 776,247 printed volumes; 1,150,309 digital volumes; 211,414 volumes of other categories

Number of alumni: over 170,000

Number of international students: 1,465

Number of students from China: 422

Number of Bachelor’s degree programs: 40

Number of Master’s degree programs: 59

Number of doctoral degree programs: 14

Budget: NT$3.61 billion

Research funding: NT$928 million

Number of industry-academia collaborative projects: 685

Number of domestic patents: 31

Number of overseas patents: 11

Number of sports teams: 19
 *Figures for the 2015–2016 academic year