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FCU Alumni

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 Strengthening the Alumni Network and Connecting Alumni with Current FCU Students 
  • There are more than 160,000 FCU alumni all over the world. Alumni contacts serve as an important bridge between FCU alumni and their alma mater. In addition to the main FCU Alumni Association, there are currently sixteen charter FCU alumni associations in Taiwan, two in China, an additional nine in Asia and Oceania, and eleven in North America. The alumni associations work to aid the continued development of FCU. Assistance includes donations to build new campus buildings and facilities, the establishment of scholarship funds, sponsorship of academic symposia, donations of books and equipment and the holding of alumni forums to share their experience with current FCU students.  

  • FCU has developed a comprehensive alumni information network and alumni information management platform to provide a channel for alumni to interact with one another. In addition, an FCU alumni Facebook Fans page has been set up and e-newsletters are regularly sent out to keep alumni up to date on FCU’s development, as well as the honors and achievements of their fellow alumni.  

  • To encourage and recognize the outstanding achievements of its alumni and to provide current students with role models, every year since 1999 FCU has selected a candidate for the Outstanding Alumnus Award. Past winners have come from a diversity of industries and fields to which they have greatly contributed and display a spirit that is representative of the university’s motto of “loyalty, diligence, sincerity and perseverance”. Past winners have included the “godfather of Taiwan’s logistics industry” Chung-Jen Hsu, former general manager of Uni-President Enterprises Corporation; Ta-Min Sun, president and CEO of TPK Holdings Co., Ltd.; Guo-Zhou Cai, CEO of the Ginko International Group; Qing-Yu Sun, CEO of the Yungching Real Estate Group; Wen-Yu Zhu, CEO of the Jaysanlin Real Estate and Advertising Co., Ltd.; Li-Bai Chen, CEO of ADATA Technology Co., Ltd.; Ben-Ran Wang, CEO of Radiant Opto-Electronics Corporation and Chief Auditor Qing-Long Lin. 


EMBA Alumni Association—Providing Fellowship and Networking Opportunities 
  • The School of Management Development was established more than ten years ago and more than 1,000 students have graduated from its EMBA programs. Graduates include National Outstanding Small and Medium Enterprise Award winners, executives of publicly listed companies and founders of prestigious cultural and creative enterprises. They provide a valuable and influential link between the university and various industries. FCU has established the EMBA academic development foundation, EMBA fellowship society, EMBA golf society, and FCU international cycling association. These organizations allow for continued, long-term relationship building among current students and alumni. In addition, post-EMBA courses are offered to allow graduates to participate in lifelong learning and service.   

Alumni Service
Catherine Chen (Foreign Students Services Window)
Tel:+886-4-24517250 ext.2585

Chih-hsien Lin
Tel:+886-4-24517250 ext.2556

  • We need your support. The long-term vision for FCU is to establish itself as a prestigious Asia Pacific university characterized by excellence in education and breakthrough research. FCU, furthermore, strives to cultivate the next generation of leaders by maintaining a broad world-view and equipping students with professional knowledge and skills, and an appreciation for the arts and humanities.
    We believe, as many of you do, that we should continue to compete with the best institutions in the world.
    To achieve this aim, we need your support.

Fundraising Center
Hsin Wang
Tel:+886-4-24517250 ext.2580