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FCU’s engineering departments obtain IEET accreditation

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In 2008 the Institute of Engineering Education Taiwan (IEET) began issuing non-governmental and peer-reviewed engineering accreditation. To date, 225 departments have passed IEET accreditation, accounting for forty five percent of four-year engineering-related departments in Taiwan. FCU’s seventeen engineering-related departments have all received IEET international accreditation, the most of any university in Taiwan. Fulfilling IEET accreditation criteria demonstrates national recognition of FCU’s high academic standards, but also illustrates FCU’s commitment to providing students with required outcomes by graduation. It also demonstrates to the relevant professional community, and to the world at large, that FCU meets the quality standards set by the engineering profession.


IEET accreditation is not a ranking system, but a process that ensures the continuation of a department’s own educational objectives. To guarantee the quality of accredited departments, IEET accreditation status is not permanent; it has to be renewed through periodic review to demonstrate the continuing fulfillment of IEET accreditation criteria. IEET accreditation is a period review process with a six-year cycle that ensures accountability to students, parents, and the wider academic community. FCU continues to energetically push for international accreditation by international and domestic educational organizations. IEET accreditation shows our commitment to high academic standards and research breakthroughs; because of this continued effort, FCU has become a renowned university in the Asia-Pacific region.