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Protection of Personal Information Policy Statement

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 Feng Chia University Protection of Personal Information Policy Statement

Feng Chia University (hereafter referred to as “FCU”) recognizes the importance of protecting personal information. This policy statement is stipulated in order to demonstrate the determined effort FCU is making to protect personal information and privacy. 


  1. FCU shall collect only the personal information that is required for legitimate administrative purposes, and shall adopt appropriate safety measures to ensure that personal information is processed fairly and lawfully.
  2. FCU shall keep a list of processed personal information.
  3. FCU shall keep all personal information in a correct and up to date format.
  4. FCU respects the fact that the protection of personal information is your right.
  5. FCU shall transfer personal information to another location only with sufficient protection and when absolutely necessary. 
  6. FCU shall develop a personal information management system to implement our personal information protection policy.
  7. For cases involving personal information, FCU shall verify internal and external stakeholders, as well as the extent to which any stakeholder can be involved in the administration of the personal information management system.
  8. FCU guarantees that the responsibility for managing the personal information management system shall rest with specialized staff members.