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Research Intro

Center for Advanced Transportation Management Systems

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The center for Advanced Transportation Management Systems (ATMS Center) is founded for implementing a three-year outsourcing project for operating the CCTC (Central Traffic Control Center) of TANFB (Taiwan Area National Freeway Bureau) and facilitating the research and teaching in the field of ATMS. Undoubtedly, ATMS is the one of the most rapidly developing transportation service system, which not only serves as an efficient way to manage the growing traffic, but also becomes the mainstream of transportation technology development. Especially, the traffic facilities nearly installed in the central area of national freeway network might be the most modern systems in Taiwan, which can constantly collect instant traffic information through CCTV and vehicle detectors and instantaneously respond to any unexpected traffic incident by employing some advanced traffic control mechanics, such as ramp metering, lane speed control and incident detection. Hence, in the beginning stage of foundation, the mission of the Lab is to integrate the efforts in different departments within FCU toward fostering both theoretical and practical researches in the field of advanced traffic management by closing cooperating with TANFB.

Su-Ling Liu
Tel:+886-4-24517250 ext.4675