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Research Intro

Center for Service Innovation and Mobility Design

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About SIMD Center

As countries around the world converge toward “Service Economy, Information technology integrates toward “Mobile Cloud Computing”, in the imminent future, we are confronted with rapid evolving mobile technologies, humanity-based service design, energy conservation trend, and insurmountable innovative opportunities. Engineering and Natural Science fields in the past are expert in fundamental research development and the exploration and application of hard core technologies while Business Management and Social Science fields focus on cultivating and structuring of soft power. Each field has its own expertise and specialization. Feng Chia University specifically establishes the “Center for Service Innovation and Mobility Design” to zoom in from four aspects: Service, Innovation, Mobility, and Design to foster an all-inclusive link between the balance beam scale of engineering and management fields, committed to merge science with humanities. The center will utilize Service Innovation as research niche to deepen academic research and combine industry and academia collaboration mechanism to theorize and patent research findings; further progress to rigorous service design model with practical application to achieve commercialization goals. The center promotes academic scholars to have not only academic dissertation ability, but also the actions of social concerns.

Center Mission
  • Establishing Service as Virtue
  • Forging Win-win for industry and academia
  • Voicing through research

Center Goals

The center’s goal is to construct and focus on “Innovation, Service, Mobility, Design” all-inclusive research, teaching, and integrated platform of industry-academia.

Service Content
  • Publish quality domestic caring academic research paper.
  • Construct Mobility Service Innovation application research platform, creating multi-service fields and service experiences.
  • Facilitate Feng Chia’s technical patents into commercial products and services and encourage cross-domain research and integration between Technology and Service.
  • Cross-domain service innovation design and implementation, host industry-government-academia expert exchange conference, professional workshops, and academia-industry forums.
  • Promote industry’s service innovation and business incubation.
  • Publish articles and books on Service Innovation, Humanity Design, and related managements topics.
  • Host college professionals’ academic career development workshops to elevate industry-academia’s research capability.
  • Promote research-centered industry services and social concerns.

About the Director

Dr. Sheng-Tsung Hou is a Professor at the Graduate Institute of Management of Technology at Feng Chia University in Taiwan. He obtained his MBA and his Ph.D. degree at the Graduate Institute of Technology and Innovation Management at National Chengchi University. His research has been focusing on the co-evolution of technology and organization as well as service innovation. In particular, he has studied the GPS-Dispatching Systems and Location-based Service implemented in the transportation service industry in both Singapore and Taiwan. Before joining academy, he was the general manager of a pharmaceutical company and started up two Internet companies.

Contact Us

Center for Service Innovation and Mobility Design
Feng Chia University
100, Wenhwa Rd. Seatwen, Taichung, Taiwan 40724, R.O.C.

Sheng-Tsung Hou
+886-424517250, # 6480