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Research Intro

Center for Smart City Development

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To become a sustainable city, the city leaders need to find a best balance point between the city development and available resources. Because of various needs and demand of development and resources, the best balance point is different city by city. To help the city’s leader to find the balance point, scientific method and comprehensive plans are necessary, through sensors and measurement, Internet and extensive communication, and smart technology. Many local governments have been working on constructing a Smart City in recent years, trying to enhance city’s competitive capability, attracting talent and industries, and toward to the goal of a sustainable development.
The purpose of FCU to found the Smart City Center is to integrate resources on campus, and actively participate in Smarty City issues, so the students and teachers can understand the developing trend of Smart City, and the school will benefit from the sustainable growth.

The Center has five divisions of Research and Development, Outreach and Service, International Collaboration, Education, and Administration, as described below.
  1. Research and Development: Using ICT technology to develop smart decision-support tools and systems.
  2. Outreach and Service: Interaction and cooperation with industries about technology, business operation, and promotion services.
  3. International Collaboration: Assistance to local businesses in the global markets.
  4. Education: Training plans and courses of Smart City.
  5. Administration: General administration of Center.
Yao-Min Fang
Tel:+886-4-24517250 ext.4573