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Research Intro

Centre for Asia-Pacific Museology and Culture Studies

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About Us
CAPMCS (Centre for Asia-Pacific Museology and Culture Studies) established at 2013.

Our Missions are:
1. Promoting basic studies of museology and cultural heritage.
2. Exploring modes of curation in museum and cultural heritage.
3. Building methodologies for the study of museum and cultural diversity.
4. Bridging international museological and cultural communication.
5. Practicing interpretive and reflexive museography and museum ethnography.

Research Capabilities

Our Research groups are:
1. Museological anthropology
2. Museum techniques and Cultural Heritage
3. Cultural Knowledge management and innovation


Until the end of 2014, the centre has cooperated with several public and private institutes or organizations to work on at least 2 research projects.
They includes exhibition curation, arrangement, management; archeological and heritage sites potential evaluation, museum preparatory plan; invisible cultural heritage protection and guarding communities coordination and assistance through museum techniques, knowledge, museography by curators, specialists, and researchers.

Contact Us

Office of Centre for Asia-Pacific Museology and Culture Studies
Address: No. 100 Wenhwa Rd., Seatwen, Taichung, Taiwan 40724, R.O.C
E-mail: capmcs@fcuoa.edu.tw

Yi-Liang Chen
Tel: +886-4-24517250 ext.5793