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Research Intro

Centre for Environmental Accounting Research

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To foster the research development of environmental accounting and contribute to the improvement of environment and advancement of Accounting in Taiwan.
To promote the competitiveness of industries in Taiwan by participating the enactment and revision of Environmental Accounting guideline to further help improving effectiveness and efficiency of domestic companies.

About Us

Our Centre was established in 2009 and to be subordinated to Business School. The objective of the Centre is to provide a platform for interdisciplinary research and to advice companies with professional consultation in order to improve environmental decisions of companies, and willing to expose resources invested to and achievement of environmental improvement and protection so as to construct the confidence and identification of the mission statement of themselves. Through step by step research and industry-academic cooperation, topics and importance of environmental accounting can be further recognized and emphasized; our Centre would be one of the national environmental accounting research center.

Project Achievements

Study of the matching between Environmental Cost and Effectiveness in Chiayi Christian Hospital
Material Flow Cost Accounting Workshop
Environmental Education Promotion Activity Plan

Contact Us

Shen-Ho Chang Director
Tel:+886-4-24517250 ext.4231