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Research Intro

Construction and Disaster Prevention Research Center

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In the past few years, our country has undergone 921 Chi-Chi catastrophic earthquake, typhoons, torrential rains, and debris flows, etc. Taiwan’s national constructions and soil and water resources are wreaked havoc and wrecked by these natural disasters. The government and the society started to pay attention to the issues related to the continuous disasters in regard to the disaster prevention and environmental protection. Due to this urgent need, Feng Chia University has founded “Construction and Disaster Prevention Research Center (CDPRC)” which fell under the purview of the College of Construction and Development in 1999. The center is comprised of several professionals from the Civil Engineering, Water Resources Engineering, Water and Soil Conservation, and so on.
CDPRC not only successfully integrated professors and graduate students from more than 20 fields in Feng Chia University, such as Civil Engineering, Water Resources Engineering, Water & Soil Conservation, Ecological Landscape, Traffic and Transportation Engineering, Geographical Information Systems and so on, but also cooperated with outside research institutions and consulting companies. Furthermore, thanks to the efforts and cooperation from all the researchstaffs and administrative assistants, CDPRC’s projects grew from average 2 cases a year to average 20 cases a year. Besides, the project amount also broke $50 million NT dollars. CDPRC officially became the first level research center in Feng Chia University in August, 2003.

Members: 26 Researchers (9 Professors, 9 Associate Professors, 5 Assistant Professors, 2 Research Assistant Professors and 1 Instructor) and 36 Research Assistants

There are 5 project research laboratories in Soil and Water Building, 1 project research laboratory in Aerospace and Science Building, 3 related laboratories, 1 computer lab and 1 professional library.

In order to effectively expand the disaster protection and prevention capacity, the National Science and Technology Center for Disaster Reduction (NCDR), the Executive Yuan, chose the experienced and capable institutions on technological R&D of disaster protection and prevention to be the cooperation agencies. These cooperation agencies further the disaster prevention related works with the NCDR to push the regional researches, operation efficiencies, and R&D capacities to the best development and support. To strengthen and integrate the disaster prevention capability is the purpose for NCDR to set up the cooperation agencies. National S&T Center for Disaster Reduction Cooperation Agency of Feng Chia University (NCDRCA FCU) is in charge of supporting the disaster prevention and response practices of Taichung and Changhua. NCDRCA also supports National Kinmen Institute of Technology for the disaster prevention and response practices.

“Soil and Water Environment Management Program”
To cultivate the humaneness and accomplishments of engineers is the purpose of the soil and water environment management program. It not only concerns about the design, construction, planning, and operation capabilities, but also emphasizes on cultivating the environment protection and IT application abilities. Therefore, the program is designed on the real practice basis for the industrial demands.
Ya-Ping Wu
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