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Research Intro

Precision Machining Development Center

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● About Us

Taichung is an R&D base of precision machinery, especially precision machine tools, in Taiwan and the world. Feng Chia University not only locates in the center of this world-class precision machine tools gold Rift Valley but have a close working relationship with the companies of this area. The college of engineering of Feng Chia University has close relations of cooperation and interaction with the companies and deeply understands the urgent needs of precision machine tools, especially the key technique—high speed precision spindle. With the growth of the machine tool industry, precision spindle will have high expected economic impact. At present, the high speed precision spindle used in our precision machine tool industries are mostly imported goods. In order to effectively reduce the cost and improve the competitiveness, many companies would like to develop their own domestic precision spindle and have had cooperative researches with Feng Chia University.

● Research Capabilities

Development of fundamental techniques and automatic measurement platform for high precision machine tool spindles

This project mainly combines academic and industrial resource to develop an automatic measurement platform for high precision spindles. Furthermore, the project deeply develops and promotes fundamental techniques of precision spindles to improve their design, inspection, analysis abilities, and competitiveness. For the demand for rigid, the high-speed precision spindles with built-in motor have been developing. However, the problems of different sound and cooling are difficult to solve and are high-tech challenge. The main project combines the teaching, research, and technology of Precision Machinery Industry R&D Center in Feng Chia University to establish Precision Spindle Fundamental Technology R&D Center in order to deeply develop the fundamental techniques and improve the competitiveness of the spindle industry. The goal of the first sub-project is to develop a sensor array and different sound inspection system in order to monitor the health of the spindle. The goal of the second sub-project is to deeply develop a heat analysis and heat compensation technique in order to predict the heat distortion. The technique will be implemented on an embedded system to improve the autonomy of spindle control. The goal of the third sub-project is to analyze the static and dynamic stiffness of spindle based on computer-aided analysis. The goal of the forth sub-project is to develop gearbox mechanism and the corresponding controller. The goal of the fifth sub-project is to develop processing technology based on electrochemical processing technology so that the component of the spindle is stress-free.

● About Director

Dr. Jin-Huang Huang
Academic Background:
Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, Northwestern University, USA

Professional Experience:
Dean, College of Engineering, Feng Chia University Professor, Department of Mechanical and Computer-Aided
Engineering, Feng Chia University
Chairman, Graduate Program of Electro-Acoustics, Feng Chia University
Chairman, Department of Mechanical and Computer-Aided Engineering, Feng Chia University
Chairman, Mechanical Engineering Workshop, Feng Chia University.
Design and Application of Electro-acoustic Sensor/Actuator, MEMS Electro-acoustic Sensor/Actuator, Structural Acoustics, Sound Quality

TEL: +886-4-24517250ext. 2076 
email: jhhuang@fcu.edu.tw

● Contact Us

No. 100, Wenhwa Rd., Seatwen, Taichung, Taiwan 40724, R.O.C.
TEL: +886-4-24517250ext. 3597
email: pmdc@fcu.edu.tw