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Research Intro

Project Management and Systems Thinking Research Center

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The Project Management and System Thinking Research Center is established in 2011 to develop Project Management, System Thinking and System Dynamics in Feng Chia University. The research is focused on the following core values: the application of System Thinking in Project Management Learning, the application of Project Management in governmental or corporate projects. Currently, this center is managed by its director, Assistant Professor Chao-Chung Yang.


Develop the capacity of problem solving for people effectively.
  • Problem Solving = Know Why + Know How
  • Know Why ~ System Thinking
  • Know How ~ Project Management

Development Directions:
  • To open courses for getting 3-Levels of Certificates with National Project Management Association (NPMA)
  • To train teachers in the high school how to teach the system thinking, system dynamics and project management for high school students.
  • To execute the governmental projects related to Project Management or System Thinking.
  • To promote the project management education to public.

Chao-Chung Yang
Tel:+886-4-24517250 ext.3226