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Research Intro

Research Center for Carbon-Fiber Industry

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For decades, the Taichung area has been the center of Taiwan’s composite industry and known as the carbon valley of Taiwan. The carbon industrial chain has long been established in this area, from the manufacture of carbon fibers, to the second processing such as the prepreg and braiding, to composite products. This industry chain involves tens of thousands of people working in this area and billions of annual production. The key to the success of this industry chain is a reliable supply of high-quality, low-cost carbon fibers. Based on the need of the local industry, we propose this project. The goal is to establish a research center for carbon-fiber industries. The goals of the center are to build the industry-university links, enhance education and training, develop new technologies, and provide service to companies. This center can bridge the local industry and the Feng Chia University, which is renowned in the education and research of carbon and composite materials. With a full support from both the university and the industry, the center can help the industries in developing critical technologies, deeply cultivating the foundation, and keeping and extending the superiority of the composite industry.
Wen-Shyong Kuo
Tel:+886-4-24517250 ext.3965