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Research Intro

The Corporate Governance Research Center

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Owing to the trend of globalization, for years “corporate governance” has been a hot topic among practitioners and academia in Taiwan. To make the governance of Taiwanese corporations sound and to enhance their productivities and efficiencies to solidify Taiwan's competitive advantages, the Feng Chia University College of Business forms the Corporate Governance Research Center (hereinafter the Center), the first research center of corporate governance in Taiwan found by and composed of scholars, to facilitate the process of reform on relevant law and regulations to further strengthen Taiwan's overall competitiveness in the global economy by way of researching, evaluating and advocating contemporary corporate governance issues.
Program and Resource
The Center contains five committees, the Corporate Governance Principle Committee, the Accounting and Auditing Committee, the Corporate Finance Committee, the Corporate Development Committee, and the Public Relationship Committee. Each committee consists of professors of the Feng Chia University College of Business and serves as a forum enabling members of an individual committee to work cooperatively on issues of corporate governance according to their individual expertise with a view to promote Feng Chia University’s domestic and international academic reputation as the center of international corporate governance research.
Research and Achievement
The center has accomplished great achievements. We arrange scheduled Faculty Workshops every year with plenty of Professors and graduate students participating the workshops every time. We also co-host the Classic Lectures with the Institute of Financial and Economic Law, and invite prominent scholars to deliver the speech with the topic of corporate governance. We held several important conferences with other institutes outside and inside the school. The conferences were very successful with a large number of executives, directors, managers as well as scholars joining us in the conferences. Working with EMBA program of Feng Chia, we provide seminars of corporate governance. Besides those jobs done in Taiwan, we also participate the International Conference of Corporate Governance hosted by Nan-Kai University in China several times and build the friend relationship and communications with scholars from China, Hong Kong, Japan and the UK. For the past three years, we have achieved plenty of important milestones and attract more and more graduate students devoting their thesis in the research of corporate governance.
We will continue what we have done successfully now in the future and keep on the job to promote the research and practice of corporate governance with best efforts in the following ways.
Best Practices: Evaluating and researching on various issues of corporate governance and corporate practices, publishing articles and treatises, and issuing independent reports of corporate practices.
Consultation: Providing consultation services to corporations, diagnosing corporate operation and management, and advising corporate mergers and acquisitions.
Training: Offering advanced training courses to corporate officers.

Contact us
Hsiu-Chuan Hsieh
Office:FCU College of Business building 7F (Room 715)