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Research Intro

Key Materials Industry Development Center

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1.To establish a measuring laboratory with relative equipment for key materials industry.
2.To create a cooperative program between industry and academe to all prospective aspects in advanced materials.
3.To transfer abroad through academic exchanges in the relevant advanced materials.
4.To promote education by cultivating the talents for industry.
5.To apply research and application of industry-university collaboration projects of Ministry of Science and Technology.
6.To accept domestic manufacturers in commission for the relevant education and training.
The research center of department of key materials industry, established in 1996, is engaged in advanced energy materials, Hydrogen production, storage, plasma, electrochemical surface modification process, analysis relevant technology. The center has studied on advanced energy materials and surface technology in both theory and practice in the long term. In addition, this is also a period to design and construct various plasma-processing hardware systems to produce different physical properties and surface properties of materials and components.
Due to the fact that our industry is mainly focusing in OEM manufacturing, most countries relies on technology transfer from advanced countries; however, the productive efficiency is still very low. Therefore, when global economic crisis happens, it is often far-reaching impact on economic development. Moreover, the key materials industries to catch up are United States, Japan, Europe and both of South Korea and China. In order to solve this problem, it is bound to seek the establishment of independent industrial technology and to look for domestic researchers.
In response to this trend, the establishment of the development center of the advanced materials industry in Feng Chia University aims to combine of the country's economic construction, industrial upgrading, materials development, personnel training, cooperative education and with 7+1 key research areas of development, and to actively seek the state’s benefits, academic research institutions, and promote industry-university exchanges. Integration of the school’s research energy is to promote material science and technology research and develop materials synthesis, production system and the application of technology. Meanwhile, the cooperation with the other centers in FCU is to integrate research projects, leading to establish a center for key materials research and development.
Shu-Dawn Li
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