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Office of Information Technology

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One of Feng Chia University’s focuses has been the development of an e-campus, which is the major responsibility of the Office of Information Technology (OIT). OIT is devoted to satisfying the IT needs of university staff, faculty and students by increasing information transmission speed and stability, setting up personalized IT service systems and providing integrated teaching and learning information resources. By keeping abreast of IT trends and applications, the ultimate goal is to provide every Feng Chia University member, whether faculty, staff or student, with convenient information access anytime and anywhere, via a personalized, integrated and diversified platform.

Feng Chia University’s OIT was established in 1969, and was originally called the Electronic Calculator Center. It was later renamed the Information Center and in 2001 again renamed the Office of Information Technology to better reflect its expanded functions. It is responsible for formulating the university’s information technology-related policies and strategies, overseeing the development and application of university information resources and maintaining the stable operation of the university’s information systems.
Internet Data Center
Internet Data Center

OIT’s vision, mission, core value and assets are outlined below:
  1. Vision: To be a key contributor to Feng Chia University’s success in achieving higher education by providing advanced information and communications technology services.
  2. Mission: To support the university’s IT service needs to facilitate teaching excellence, effective learning, focused research, efficient administration and helpful community service.
  3. Core Value: User satisfaction with an overriding commitment to quality, personal accountability, life-long learning and teamwork.
  4. Assets: Users, the dedicated OIT staff and their shared knowledge

OIT has four sections, below are the names of each section, followed by its responsibility.
  1. Systems Development Section:
    development and maintenance for school administration system
  2. Operation and Maintenance Section:
    management for Internet Data Center, mainframe storage, maintenance for network
    communication, and simulating mainframe service
  3. Resources Management Center:
    development and maintenance for teaching aids and facility
  4. Information Technology Center:
    IT application consulting service for on and off campus and IT technology training programs


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