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FCU and Germany’s Friedrich-Alexander-Universität (Erlangen-Nürnberg) sign cooperative agreement that will bring numerous benefits to Taiwan's electronics industry

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Issuing Date:September 8, 2015


FCU recently formed an alliance with Germany’s Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU). On September 8, FCU president, Lee Bing-jean, and FAU president, Joachim Hornegger, signed a bilateral agreement that will bring increased cooperative research and development in electronics technology. Guests at the signing ceremony included Reinhard Paichrowski, from the German Institute in Taiwan, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Franke, from FAU, Liu Yau-jr, director of the Taichung City Economic Development Bureau, and Wang Yong-zhuang, director of the Central Taiwan Science Park Administration.
The agreement will see the transfer of Germany’s Next Generation 3D-MID Technology and JOESPHS innovation lab, both of which will improve the research and development capabilities of Taiwanese electronics companies. President Lee expressed that the new technology will provide Taiwan with quick and comprehensive improvements in the field of industrial development and expressed his excitement for the future bilateral cooperation: “A partnership between FCU and FAU will integrate Taiwan’s innovative and entrepreneurial industry with Germany’s advance manufacturing technologies, thereby elevating the manufacturing sector in Taiwan to a whole new level.” Professor Mitchell Tseng, dean of FCU’s International School of Technology and Management, emphasized that "by combining the value of Taiwan’s Electronics Industry and Germany’s advanced manufacturing technology, cooperation between FCU and FAU will make a lasting impact not only on the Taiwan Electronics Industry but also on Electronic Manufacturing and wearable device production as a whole."
FAU has a distinguished history and an internationally acclaimed reputation for high-quality research in multiple fields, such as industrial engineering. The scope of its teaching and research make FAU a leader in German academia. The 250-year old university has also made a significant impact on its surrounding economy, as numerous organizations have set up research departments or R&D headquarters in its vicinity. FCU partners with many world-renowned universities and views industry-academia cooperation as a cornerstone of its research direction.
In addition to student exchange programs and potential dual-degree programs in relative disciplines, the two schools are currently planning a revolutionary project involving cutting-edge technology. A pilot factory, which will be integrated with an exhibition center, is being set up at the Central Taiwan Science Park, which has resulted in intense interest from the education and industrial sectors. More importantly, local and national governments have also shown their interest in the project. The Taichung City Government, for example, has offered funding of more than NT$1 million to support FCU’s “Innovation Startup Taichung,” a workshop for manufacturing service design.