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FCU shines in Cheers magazine’s 2017 Best University Guide

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Date of Issue: February 13, 2017
FCU has once again performed exceptionally well in a Cheers magazine university survey. According to its 2017 Best University Guide, the magazine employed a number of methods to rank Taiwan’s universities. FCU received a first place ranking for student capabilities while participating in academic exchanges in China, a second place ranking for university performance, a second place ranking for the corporate world’s most-favored private university graduates, a third place ranking for Chinese student capabilities, and a third place ranking for international student capabilities.
Of particular note in this year’s guide is the university performance survey, which is a dynamic ranking of Taiwan’s universities by university presidents from across the country—one hundred and forty university presidents participated in this year’s survey. The second place position is testament to the quality of FCU’s performance, adaptability, and vision.
According to Cheers magazine, a number of factors led to FCU’s high ranking, such as innovation—which includes innovative education with an emphasis on educational outcomes, innovative courses with distinctive characteristics that have a profound impact on students, and innovative education, such as micro-credit courses, and flexible and diverse course content. Other factors include the promotion of new and unique projects, such as the Freshman Project, which assists first-year students explore specialized fields of study.
Although FCU failed to capture first place as it did in last year’s university performance survey, the number of votes received was in fact the same as in 2016.
According to FCU President Lee Bing-Jean, “as FCU continues to cultivate talented students who participate in innovative businesses, it is satisfying to receive such positive recognition and admiration for our efforts.”
FCU shines in Cheers magazine’s 2017 Best University Guide
Cheers magazine’s 2017 Best University Guide recognizes FCU as one of the best universities in Taiwan (Photo courtesy of the Office of Student Recruitment and Admission).