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School of Architecture student invents breakthrough construction technology

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Date of Issue: March 6, 2017
Liu Tai-You, CEO of Jinwei Green Material Co. and student in the Professional Master’s Program at FCU’s School of Architecture, is considered a pioneer in the field of light steel modular construction.
Liu’s most recent invention, the C-channel Assembly Kit for Light Steel Structures, offers an efficient and cost-effective method for building modular structures and thus revolutionizes traditional modes of construction. The kit’s prefabricated box-type connectors and general tools allow non-technical people to rapidly build light gauge steel structures that can withstand intense seismic activity and high winds of more than 180 kilometers per hour.
The breakthrough invention has recently received numerous accolades and awards. At the 2016 Taipei Invention Show & Technomart his invention won the Platinum Award; at the 2016 International Inventor Prize he won the Erudite Inventor distinction from the International American University; and at the 2017 World Distinguished Inventor Competition his invention won the World Invention Nobel Prize and the World Invention Innovation Award for Excellence.
Liu is actively promoting his invention in both the domestic and international markets. In addition to working with manufacturers in China and the Philippines to build inexpensive houses and schools, he is also seeking other foreign manufacturers to help develop the product in the international market.