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Taiwan’s only Apple-certified training program now offered at FCU

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Date of Issue: March 20, 2017


Apple recently established Taiwan’s first Apple Regional Training Center at FCU, which makes FCU the only university in Taiwan authorized to conduct Apple-certified training courses. In the future, all instructors in the Apple App teacher development program will be trained at FCU.


FCU is committed to ensuring students receive learning opportunities that increase their employability and competitive advantage. As such, FCU built the iHouse, which provides an experimental platform for realizing a truly “intelligent” home, and offers specialized computer coaching, and computer equipment and space that is available 24-hours a day. In addition, FCU is encouraging students to enroll in computer science-related courses. For instance, new students enrolled after the 2017 academic year will now take a number of one-credit required courses, as well as a number of elective courses—such as iOS Swift and Android programming languages—that are designed to accommodate different interests.


FCU will work with Apple to provide courses that introduce software development, such as HomeKit and Playgrounds, and will also offer relevant courses for primary and secondary schools, as well as the community, so that programming languages and software development will take root and flourish in Taiwan.


Taiwan’s only Apple-certified training program now offered at FCU