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FCU awarded membership into the CDIO Initiative

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Date of Issue: March 17, 2017


From March 12 to 15, FCU President Lee Bing-Jean led a delegation of FCU academics to Thailand in order to participate in the CDIO Asia Regional Meeting. At the meeting, FCU was presented with its CDIO Initiative membership, thus becoming the first university in Taiwan to receive the honor.


Formulated in 2000, the CDIO Initiative—that is, conceive, design, implement, and operate—is an educational framework that strives to build a complete and outcome-oriented system of education. The CDIO concept was originally established by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology—in collaboration with Chalmers University of Technology, Linköping University, and the Royal Institute of Technology—to counter the lack of practical and cross-disciplinary capacity of students. The CDIO Initiative held its first global conference in 2005 and now consists of more than 120 schools located all over the world.


FCU now stands with the most distinguished universities in the world in promoting the CDIO concept. FCU has already integrated the concept into its Freshman Project, Deep-bowl Project, and Capstone Project, as well as through the Center for General Education’s micro courses. These initiatives combine theoretical and practical learning, promote educational outcomes, and cultivate teamwork and problem solving capabilities, thereby ensuring that students acquire the skills and knowledge required for subjective and flexible learning.


FCU awarded membership into the CDIO Initiative