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FCU honored by the Ministry of Education

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Date of Issue: March 8, 2017

The Ministry of Education (MoE) recently announced the 2017 recipients of the Program for Promoting Teaching Excellence awards. With NT$80 million in financial subsidies, FCU once again received the most grants of any university in the nation. In fact, FCU has had continuous success in this ranking, surpassing any other public or private university by receiving the highest total subsidies. The award not only demonstrates FCU’s outstanding academic achievements and continued commitment to educational excellence, but also serves as recognition of the hard work and determination of FCU’s students and faculty.

FCU is striving to build a wealth of resources that lead to learning effectiveness. Training students to have both practical skills and theoretical knowledge from a multi-faceted background remains a key educational objective at FCU. To that end, FCU has created a number of programs that bridge the theoretical-practical educational divide, such as the International School of Technology and Management, and has created links with industry through the FCU D.School. At the same time, FCU is devoted to increasing international educational opportunities.

FCU continues to focus on domestic and international educational trends in order to offer breakthrough innovations and forward-looking educational strategies. The Renyan Education Innovation Center, for instance, provides a flexible, diverse, and welcoming environment that encourages proactive learning. FCU is also implementing the CDIO—conceive, design, implement, and operate—educational framework to combine theoretical and practical learning, promote educational outcomes, and cultivate teamwork and problem solving capabilities. In addition, the Freshman Project offers a multidisciplinary learning environment, where students practice soft skills, develop specialized interests in key industries, and establish study goals and ambitions. By providing the skills necessary to find employment in an increasingly sophisticated globalized economy, FCU is offering its graduates a major competitive advantage.

In the 13 years that FCU has implemented the MoE’s Program for Promoting Teaching Excellence, great strides have been taken to construct outstanding learning outcomes. By constructing an educational system rich in teaching resources, FCU has created an outcome-based educational system, one that is organized around the promotion of teaching quality and the implementation of a complete educational support system.

This year’s recognition and prestigious honor from the MoE is evidence of FCU’s academic strength and successful educational philosophy. 

FCU honored by the Ministry of Education