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FCU shines at the 2017 Mobile App Innovation Contest

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Date of Issue: July 19, 2017

On July 18, FCU hosted the final stage of the 2017 Mobile App Innovation Contest. Of the twenty teams that advanced to the final stage—from a total of 170—two FCU teams made it to the top five, with “Wmega Weather Forecast” finishing first.

In his remarks, FCU President Lee Bing-Jean emphasized the importance of close ties between industry and academia, as well as recognized that the hosting of the 2017 Mobile App Innovation Contest represents an important milestone in educational training. He also noted that contest entries demonstrated diverse visions of life and a concern for the community, thus showing the motivation of young people to change the world by using the power of science and technology.

Peng Fu-yuan, director-general of the Taichung City’s Education Bureau, pointed out that the contest theme genuinely mirrored topics of concern of the city’s residents, as well as showed that young people have the skills required for a new era of innovation.

A number of respected and accomplished guests attended the final contest, including Ge Jung, vice-president of Apple Inc., Xu Mao-xin, deputy director-general of the Central Taiwan Science Park Administration, professor Jiang Zong-li, director of the China Collegiate Computing Contest, and Chen Wen-zhi, vice-dean of Zhejiang University’s College of Computer Science and Technology.

FCU is the host of Taiwan’s first Apple Regional Training Center (RTC) and the only university in the country authorized to host the Mobile App Innovation Contest.

2017 Mobile App Innovation Contest

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