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Humanities & Art & Athletics


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Arts Center
The regular art exhibitions of the Arts Center as well as a diversity of other cultural and art activities held on campus such as art seminars, presentations, theater performances, and competitions are of the highest quality. The annual Art Festival is an anticipated event for the community. The Tang Dynasty Research Center and the Center for the Studies of Everyday Life are focused on research related to the humanities and the arts.

Related Departments and Units
Departments and centers related to the humanities and the arts include the Graduate Institute of History and Historical Relics, Graduate Institute of Public Policy, Department of Chinese Literature, and Department of Foreign Languages and Literature.

Related Associations/Societies/Clubs
Humanities and arts-related student clubs and faculty and staff associations bring students and faculty and staff together in their shared interests and the artistic results of such collaborations have been excellent.

Art Festival
Feng Chia's annual Art Festival never fails to be an outstanding event for the university and the surrounding community.

On-Campus Resources
Information regarding cultural and arts events is made available by the Arts Center. The Library is another rich source of information about the arts.

Off-Campus Resources
Numerous programs and activities take place in the Taichung area.
Architecture student wins Holcim Awards Next Generation first prize
The Swiss-based Holcim Group established the Holcim Foundation for Sustainable Construction in 2003. This foundation organizes the Holcim Awards, which run on a three-year cycle that includes regional and global competitions. A total of US$2 million is offered in prize money. On November 28, 2008 in New Delhi, India, the regional competition awards were presented. FCU Department of Architecture student Boon Ting Teo won the “Next Generation” first prize for her graduation design project entitled “Heart of Suzhou Creek Ecosystem Revitalization”. In May of 2009, she represented the Asia-Pacific region in the global competition.

Athletic Activities
Physical Education (PE) at Feng Chia scores very high in terms of quality and diversity and the achievements of Feng Chia’s teams in off-campus competitions have been remarkable. A number of teams in a variety of sports have achieved outstanding results in national contests. The FCU mascot is the fighting eagle.

Physical Fitness Center
The Physical Fitness Center of the Office of Physical Education and Sports Affairs aims to improve the physical fitness of all at Feng Chia by offering professional guidance and information.

Talent Development
For students who are talented in sports the Office of Physical Education and Sports Affairs organizes special classes with coaches to help them to develop their potential.

Sports Facilities and Equipment
The enthusiasm for sports is very high at Feng Chia and the Office of Physical Education and Sports Affairs is responsible for the management of all indoor and outdoor sports facilities and equipment.
The Sports Center offers multiple recreational facilities to staff and students.

Related Associations/Societies/Clubs
All kinds of related athletic clubs and associations bring teachers and students together to compete in various sports.

Sports Center
The multifunctional and state-of-the-art Sports Center provides excellent opportunities and facilities for athletic and recreational activities.

Related Website
Feng Chia provides on-campus activities and programs. Students, faculty and staff are also encouraged to participate in athletic activities and events held in the Taichung Area.