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Interdisciplinary programs


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  • Accounting and Public Finance Program
  • Actuarial Science Program
  • Applied Foreign Language Program
  • Applied Geographic Information Systems Program
  • Applied Japanese Program
  • AUO Equipment Engineer Program
  • Automated Manufacturing Program
  • BioEnergy and Green Technology Program
  • Biotechnology Program
  • C SUN Engineering Program
  • Civil Aviation Program
  • Computational Science Program
  • Computer Aided Research and Development Program
  • Cross-straits Business Program
  • Electronic Commerce Graduate Level Certificate Program
  • Electronic Commerce Program
  • Elite Internship Program
  • Finance and Risk Management Program
  • Global Supply Chain and Logistics Management Program
  • Green Accounting Program
  • Honors Program
  • Industrial Safety and Hygiene Program
  • Information and Communications Security Program
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program
  • Integrated Economics Course
  • Integrated English Course
  • Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer Graduate Level Certificate Program
  • International Trade Operations Creative Management Program
  • Landscape and Recreation Management Program
  • Law and Economics Program
  • Management and Economics Program
  • Management of Technology Graduate Level Certificate Program
  • Management of Technology Program
  • Mandarin Teacher Education Program
  • Marketing Research Program
  • Nano Science and Technology Program
  • Nonprofit Management Program
  • Polymeric and Organic Material Science Program
  • Project Management Program
  • Quantitative Finance Graduate Level Certificate Program
  • Quantitative Finance Program
  • Real Estate Management Program
  • Social Communication Program
  • Software Engineering Graduate Level Certificate Program
  • Soil and Water Environmental Management Program
  • Sustainable Building and Ecological Landscape Program
  • System on Chip Business Management Program