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Recruiting the Best of the Best
  FCU has continually sought to carry out breakthrough research and to cultivate interdisciplinary research teams to elevate its R&D capabilities. There are 37 specialized research centers on campus, including the Green Energy Development Center, Geographic Information Systems Research Center, Construction and Disaster Prevention Research Center, Information and Communication Security Research Center and Center for Tang Dynasty Culture. Every year, these centers carry out research and participate in industry-academia collaborative projects, the collective value of which ranks at the top of Taiwan’s universities. In addition, these projects provide valuable information for scholars and important contributions to society. 
FCU recruits outstanding scholars from Taiwan and abroad. In the past three years, more than 40 chair professors have joined the faculty. They include Chin-Chen Chang, who is considered Taiwan’s father of cryptography, and Chung-Jen Hsu, former general manager of Uni-President Enterprises Corporation and the godfather of Taiwan’s logistics industry. Professor Chang is ranked number two in the world for the number of published research papers that have been included in the computer science database of the Digital Bibliography & Library Projects (DBLP). In 2012, he was honored with a lifetime achievement award for his work in the Asian information security field. Professor Hsu successfully introduced a variety of chain store channels to Taiwan and created a model for logistics. He has played a very important role in elevating the level of professional knowledge in business operations and management at this university. In addition, FCU confers honorary doctorate degrees to those with outstanding contributions to academia or industry. In 2012, FCU awarded honorary doctorate degrees to former Philips Taiwan CEO Yi-Chiang Lo and Tongji University President Pei Gang. 
  Published research by FCU faculty has been included among the world’s top 1% in the Essential Science Indicators (ESI) database in the fields of engineering, materials science and engineering and computer science. The number of published papers and the average number of papers published per faculty member rank among the top 10 in Taiwan. Every year, FCU researchers are awarded more than NT$200 million in research grants from the National Science Council. The number of published SCI/SSCI papers has grown rapidly in recent years, indicating that the quality and quantity of research conducted at FCU continue to increase. 
FCU publishes several international academic journals including the International Journal of Business and Economics (IJBE) and the Journal of Economics and Management (JEM). IJBE is the first international, English-language, peer-reviewed journal that is focused on issues related to Taiwan’s economic, business and commercial fields. Both journals are included in the Econlit database. In 2010, JEM became the first economics journal from Taiwan to be included in the prestigious Research Papers in Economics (RePEc) database.
Carrying Out Breakthrough Research and Establishing World-class Research Centers
  The Green Energy Development Center has developed an anaerobic bioreactor. This bioreactor yields 151/hr biogas from every liter of anaerobic sludge, making it one of the best performing bioreactors in the world. Due to these and other achievements, FCU was chosen as the site for the APEC Research Center for Advanced Biohydrogen Technology, which was established in cooperation with APEC and the National Science Council. In addition, the Taiwan branch of the International Association for Hydrogen Energy (IAHE) has been established on the FCU campus. In 2011, FCU completed the world’s first Bio-H2 gas station. 
The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Research Center has twice been honored by the US-based Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) with a Special Achievement in GIS award. In 2010, this research center was invited to join the European Union’s Plan4All project; among its 25 collaborative partners, FCU was the only academic organization from Taiwan. In that same year, the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) approved the GIS Research Center as its first software standards compliance testing center in Asia. It was also named one of 20 OGC principal members. 
  The Construction and Disaster Prevention Research Center brings together talent from the fields of civil engineering, hydraulic engineering, water resources engineering and conservation and geographic information systems. This center has developed various technologies with applications for environmental conservation, slope land disaster prevention, and environmental monitoring. It also serves as a long-term partner of the National Science and Technology Center for Disaster Reduction, providing support for local government disaster prevention and rescue efforts. This center participated in the rebuilding efforts that followed Typhoon Morakot and received awards for its contributions and achievements from the Executive Yuan. 
In cooperation with Renmin University of China, the Center for the Tang Dynasty Culture spent six years proofreading and editing the “Quan Tangfu (The Complete Tang Odes)”. The Center’s edited version of this important ancient Chinese compilation has been included in many library collections in Europe, North America, Japan and Korea, thus putting this research center on the map for the caliber of its Tang Dynasty research.