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Research Centers

Order NumberNameext.
1.Architecture Research Design Center3331
2.Center for Actuarial Development and Research6110/6111
3.Center for Advanced Transportation Management Systems4520
4.Center for Business Education Innovation4383 / 4385
5.Center for Service Innovation and Mobility Design6480
6.Center for Smart City Development4564
7.Center for the Studies of Everyday Life5511
8.Centre for Asia-Pacific Museology and Culture Studies5791
9.Centre for Environmental Accounting Research4231
10.Construction and Disaster Prevention Research Center3061
11.Education and Research Center for Environment and Safety Health5285 / 5280
12.Embedded Systems Development and Research Center3720
13.Feng Chia University/ Tongji University Joint Research Center for Hydraulic Development6871
14.Geographic Information Systems Research Center4551
15.Greater China Taxation Research Center4090
16.Green Energy Development Center6201
17.Information and Communication Security Research Center3716
18.Integrated Circuits Electromagnetic Compatibility Research Center3881
19.Key Materials Industry Development Center5317
20.Legal Clinic Center4081 / 4181
21.Materials Research Center5303
22.Precision Machining Development Center3597
23.Project Management and Systems Thinking Research Center3861
24.Public Policy Research Center5722
25.Research Center for Carbon-Fiber Industry3984
26.Research Center for City and Town Development3390
27.Research Center for Science and Technology Across the Taiwan Strait6871
28.Research Center for Traffic Accident Authentication4690
29.Research Institute of Social Enterprise4352
30.Risk and Insurance Research Center4131
31.Textile and Material Industry Research Center3430
32.The Corporate Governance Research Center4198